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Hey, Guys! I am Shaylei! I am 27.  Wife to the best guy in the world and my #1 fan! I have 2 babies, Charlei (3) & Brody (20 mo) they are my everything! I have been shooting for 5-6 years but have turned it into my career this past year. I love meeting and making new friends. My goal is for you to feel like we are just hanging out and having fun and ultimately to have the best experience.

Pictures are so important! I know it can be hard to get everyone together, or maybe you just aren't happy with how your body looks at the moment, or feel like "is it really worth it?" YES IT IS! SO WORTH IT! Here is why, 1. The BEST pictures are when your kiddos are running in a field, laughing and playing         (they might not be listening to you - but I promise it makes for some priceless pictures.) 2. I used to have the biggest issue with this .. " No way am I taking pictures, i've gain 20+ lbs and just dont feel like myself." But guess what, I am still over 20+lbs but I FINALLY had my family pictures taken in October and they are my FAVORITE pictures because my family is so happy and I love this time in our lives! My kids are at such a fun age that I need to remember these days. And you know what, I didn't look to bad myself ;) 3. If you think $225 for family pictures is expensive or think $600 for birth pictures is a lot of money and is it really worth it?" Let me put it this way; Yes $225 might be a chunk of change, however when you receive those pictures do you really think,  "Man I totally regret getting these images taken."? You spent 1000+ on your wedding day because those memories are priceless and so worth it, so why not the day your babies are born? That is my biggest regret. I wish so badly I would have documented their births.  Let's put all the doubts aside and make some magic! You will thank me later, I promise ;) 


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